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The development in the world in the field of technology has greatly increased so that it has a negative impact on the world. Many countries increase the strength of their weapons every day with this technological advancement. And little contribution is being made to improve the condition of children on this planet especially in third world countries.

We are pleased to introduce a project that is one of its kind. ISKRA is a Lucem project supported by blockchain technology. This project aims to help and help children financially and medically without asking for payment. The team has developed a decentralized fund for children called Crypto Coin of Hope (CCOH) that does not require donations.

We want every project that goes into cryptocurrency first set aside 10% of coins or bank tokens to be transferred to social programs! This is the only way society can truly influence its future. Example: If the creator of Bitcoin had established a social foundation and initially transferred 500,000 coins, today the fund would have $ 3.1 billion. And the people themselves will be able to spend this money on social programs - regardless of the government and bankers. ISKRA is a real opportunity for our society to become a modern society with social accountability!

Nearly half of diamonds worldwide are processed in Israel. With ISKRA, you have a unique opportunity to invest in the most reliable financial instruments. Diamond prices are stable and even more resistant to disasters than the price of gold! ISKRA is not only an investment, but also a bargain. Bargain that you cannot get unless he has joined the Lucem project.

This means that small businesses and novice traders will be able to join the elite stock broker's club. ISKRA not only helps children. It is also a profitable investment tool for securing anonymous capital. It is very disappointing when in the modern world more money is spent on maintaining and serving the foundation than the foundation itself is spending on actual projects. Changing this system has long been delayed, and every voice is important in the community.

Benefits you get on the ISKRA Platform

  • A cryptocoin backed by diamond
  • Anyone can go into a store that sells diamond and exchange ISKRA for it and will automatically help children
  • Any store that sells diamond and partner with this project becomes Lucem project participant and will be opportune to free advertisement of their stores to customers
  • During the currency’s initial stage, ISKRA will be redeemed from stores for fiat money
  • The buyer on this platform gets to decide on what they want
  • No room for smart advertising
  • Customers quickly get result for their request without going through the stress of unwanted advertisements
  • Customers are able to interact directly with businesses without intermediaries, thereby eliminating extra charges
  • It allows the opportunity for both small and large business to cooperate

What makes ISKRA so unique?
  • Reliability
Based on blockchain innovation and utilizing shrewd contracts, ISKRA is one of the most secure, most solid, and most secure advanced monetary standards of things to come.

  • Charitable
ISKRA was made as a digital money that enables you to make a monetary base for a magnanimous establishment to help youngsters around the globe.

  • Profitable
In view of our estimates, we expect the estimation of ISKRA to persistently develop. Along these lines, we accept that ISKRA is a perfect speculation opportunity.

We are building a totally extraordinary framework. We offer a progressive exchanging stage. In particular, this isn't promoting and pretty bundling, however it's the client's terms and his time. Time is the most important thing an individual has. There isn't sufficient opportunity to squander it scanning for items Businesses spend immense entireties to discover clients, however there is no assurance that the client will like an item and get it.

The Advantage of ISKRA Block Chain System
The ISKRA blockchain token has the beneficial gain for the one who purchases them, first, the token is very reliable that developed in the highly advanced of blockchain technology and smart contracts which is make it safest digital currencies.

The ISKRA token is the charitable token that allows the user to contribute to making the financial base for fund foundation that works to help children health treatment. The token is profitable because the value is based on diamond and ethereum. Read more about the ISKRA blockchain in the information down below.

How Fund Works
The team is issuing a number of tokens of 300million called the 'Big Bang’, out of which 50million will be used as the resources to be used only on children. The team will accept project proposals from any interested trustworthy individual.

The project will be analyzed and broke down and the public will decide(through voting) on which project will be implemented and the cost.

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