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Now in the business industry continues to grow companies that already have a large customer base, loyal and loyal users and those who follow trends, innovations and try to implement them in their ecosystem. Many are trying to create websites, convenient mobile applications for more effective notifications about new promotions and products.

But these updates still require constant attention and a lot of money for marketing research, advertising, because each potential buyer clicks costs a lot of money and becomes more expensive with every new day. The sure development of nature is the emergence of interesting blockchain technology.
About Billcrypt
Billcrypt creates a global decentralized global platform BILLCRYPT.

This is a multifunctional Blockchain integration system from company representative offices, professional communities, specialists and products.

Blockchain (BR) representations are made by users in the form of decentralized applications (DApp) on the blockchain with a convenient interface.

On a platform basis, interblockchain infrastructure of technological and economic properties is being built, uniting blockchain projects and real sector projects.

Such a comfortable environment will enable everyone to create their own BR, forming a unified, integrated belief system.

This will direct the development of any business to an unprecedented level.

Investment property that is embedded in the system will allow you to develop your business most effectively, build profitable partnerships and promote each other economically. Because of the synergy effect, get multiple benefits.

For investors, this will be the most easily understood and illustrative structure, which makes it possible, by viewing Virtual Images (Virtual Image Part - ViP), to quickly and reliably evaluate the business represented, and make profitable investment decisions.

For ordinary users, this will be the easiest and most reliable way to choose a specialist, service, product.

For the effective functioning of all potential platforms and investment ecosystems, a new generation of universal digital assets has been created - BILLCRYPT Evolutionary Token from the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each of these tokens, in turn, also gives significant privileges to holders and users, and increases their well-being.

Constant platform development, growing popularity of the Blockchain representative office, increasing demand for tokens, giving Billcrypt evolutionary property and making it an indispensable financial tool.

In the early stages of its emergence, people can use it more as a payment system in Bitcoin and like profits, make it possible to eliminate intermediaries in the form of banking institutions, overcome territorial limits, transfer each volume, have limited problems and be supported by the community.

Next interesting and useful application is the creation of smart contracts based on Ethereum, which solves the problem of trust between businesses, people and helps to gradually pay funds according to transaction requirements and not risk the entire amount, which saves both time and provides insurance.
Therefore, the attention and desire of small and medium enterprises for this innovation are large and the willingness to integrate, making decentralized applications for their ecosystems more than clear. Only to find a simpler way to solve the problem, proposed by the project called Billcrypt remains!

Billcrypt aims to create a global platform that represents blockchain technology with many employees, companies, services, making it possible to solve problems in this area especially with the help of a decentralized application that helps connect the real business sector with the blockchain platform.

Billcrypt provides a real and easy opportunity for every company to create its own blockchain ecosystem, build more trusting relationships with other businesses, users with the help of intelligent contracts and secure payment systems themselves, leaving personal data in complete confidentiality and security.

This platform will be able to attract investors who will be able to visually determine the prospects of developing new projects, it will also use its own token based on Ethereum and has the abbreviation Bilc. All this allows you to save your digital assets, receive club cards with privileges in the form of exclusive access to various functions, for example, initial participation in the purchase of tokens, in closing sales.

In the digital asset market, I have seen since the end of 2016 what percentage of profits an early investor can get, these numbers can reach up to 10 000%, so we need to pay attention to this opportunity here. Now the company is pre-selling from the signs, already has collected nearly $ 8 million, the minimum goal needed to develop ideas has been collected!

In conclusion, I want to say that the decentralized IT platform significantly reduces risk in investment, connects some of the best programmers in the field of blockchain, experienced and successful professionals from various fields.

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