SportsFix - Decentralized Sports Streaming Platform

SportsFix is a sports streaming platform that will present live sports matches before you. The SportsFix streaming platform will present the most popular regional, local and international sports content. SportsFix will be the preferred platform for sports fans.
SportsFix Platform is decentralized
SportsFix is a decentralized sports streaming platform with blockchain technology. With the use of blockchain technology, the SportsFix platform will be more trusted and transparent. SportsFix uses smart contracts on the ethereum network. SportsFix is a revolutionary digital sports content with blockchain technology. SportsFix platform allows the right of sports media to invest in micro content rights.

SportsFix combines Netflix content with blockchain so that it changes the way fans connect to media content. Fans can participate and be involved in their leagues and clubs in an independent economy with digital transactions using smart blockchain contracts.

  • Many problems are faced on current sports streaming platforms, including:
  • A distribution system that is not transparent and suspended in a tangle.
  • Perform manufacturer markings, packaging and artificial prices
  • Using a centralized revenue redistribution system & a centralized income redistribution system.
  • Moved fans have limited access to content directly from their favorite team
  • Clubs that are supported have no direct involvement with their fans.

  • SportsFix provides a decentralized digital stadium network solution that will help fans connect directly to matches.
  • Supporters can open sports content and features of their favorite products.
  • A cool feature that fans can choose when watching a match.
  • Fans will only pay for what they watch.
  • Favorite sports clubs can interact and identify and reward their loyal fans who are active in digital stadiums.

Advantages of the Digital Stadium Platform
  1. You can choose the match you want to watch and can get SFT tokens.
  2. Buy tickets on match day.
  3. Can Register as a digital season ticket holder (DSP).
  4. Can produce one day of matches through sponsors or our partner clubs.
  5. You can watch the game with HD quality.
  6. Watch matches simultaneously and share your comments to the public.
  7. You can get loyalty points and predict games and create cool content.
  8. You can get involved directly with your favorite clubs.
  9. Can be identified and received an award by registering as a DSP
  10. Can access exclusive content for locker rooms, training and more.
  11. Watch free matches with digital stadium sponsors.
  12. Can get SF tokens from sponsors to exchange admission tickets on match days
  13. You can get discounts on your favorite brand items
  14. Develop your stale fans to unlock special features at each level.

SportsFix Token advantages
  • SF tokens are limited.
  • The SportsFix team has experience in the content and sports industry for 50 years.
  • Become the next generation OTT digital streaming platform that offers premium crowdfunding experience.
  • SF tokens are designed to reward end users and engage in digital stadium platforms.
  • The SFT development model is very dynamic.
SportsFix OTT is already on the streaming platform market and has a range of 300 million users throughout the ASEAN market.

Name: SportsFix 
Token Symbol: SFT 
Supply Token: 800,000,000 SFT 
Platform: Ethereum ERC20 
Token Price: $ 0.10 USD 
Token for sale: 440,000,000 SFT 
Pre-Sale Time: 4-8 Weeks 
Pre-Sale Discount: 30-50% 
Softcap : 2,000,000 
Hardcap: 37,200,000

More Information Visit The SPORTSFIX Link:

Bitcointalk Username: Portalfia
ETH Address: 0x30b6fEE77876B463317B01E1AdA46E4dbDe7Cb9C

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