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When most people think about cybersecurity, they'll consider antivirus, firewall, or perhaps ransomware protection. but inside the business enterprise room, many equipment can be used to guard a enterprise. The common consumer, of route, they do not have access.

For instance, can an antivirus tell you in case you log in to Gmail in the united kingdom, then a person enters your Dropbox account in Argentina? honestly not. however, cybersecurity organizations can do it. HEROIC makes use of blockchain to decentralize and democratize cybersecurity answers, making it available to the masses.
Cybersecurity is the major issue in the present age of internet driven society. Today the world is run by internet and it becomes the part of our lives. Cyber threats are always one step ahead of cyber security systems. Any vulnerability in the cyber security system causes hacking attack which leads to loss of valuable data. Every year many organisations and industries suffer from cyber attacks which cause them loss of million dollars worth data. Within next few years every device will be connected with internet called as Internet of Things (IoT). Thus it is essential that we need a cyber security system which detects cyber threats before it causes a major loss and fix it with a solution.

HEROIC is a blockchain powered artificial intelligence (AI) assisted cybersecurity system. HEROIC.com is the next generation cybersecurity solution platform which is freely available for everyone.

Project objective
HEROIC.com is committed to build next generation cybersecurity system by the utilisation of big data, AI and blockchain technology. It aims to develop a intelligent threat detection system which detects threat and provide solutions to it. HEROIC.com incentives users and developers for their contribution in creating a safe world.

Today we are most rely on technology and internet. We store our most valuable data in internet. And cyber threats are increasing at exponential rate which causes heavy loss for our personal and financial data. The security solutions such as antivirus's are becoming ineffective infront of these malicious viruses. The best security solutions are available only with large organisations and governments.

We need a trusted and reliable security system to protect our data. With IoT more than 30 billion devices will get connected with internet by 2020. Thus it becomes necessary to have the best security solution.

Principle of operation
HEROIC is a next generation intelligent cyber security system powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence. HEROIC has a long term vision to create a sustainable and developing cyber threat protection ecosystem.

HEROIC is available for everyone at free of cost and it has reward system for users of the antivirus, which detects a new threat. Thus the AI provides a best solution against the threat and protects every other HEROIC installed computer system.

HEROIC ecosystem has three main core components:
  • Arc Reactor is a blockchain powered data repository system. It's primary goal is to collect the data from the providers. This data is processed by AI and machine learning algorithms. Which provides a better solution to fix the threat. Thus the solution provides best security for society. Decentralization of the system makes it transparent and trusted.
  • Guardian utilizes the threat data from Arc reactor and combines it with artificial intelligence to predict and protect any future cyber threat attacks. It's main function is to collect the new threat data problems and sending it to Arc reactor for solution. Guardian adds multiple security layers for the protection of our data.
  • Research & development environment is a platform where researchers can test their new algorithms in a secure environment on new threats. This provides access to community developed algorithms and software to block new threats and develop new solutions. These solutions are then replenished into Arc reactor.

HEROIC for various participants
Individuals who install HEROIC softwares which are provided with AI threat protection and mining functionality are called as miners. With this software users are protected with threats and if their system identifies new threat then those users are get rewarded with HRC tokens. Then the Guardian starts looking for solution with AI to fix it. After finding the solution it is available for all other HEROIC users. The software will be available for devices like laptops, desktops, mobile and IoT devices.

Developers in R&D can have access to all threat repositories. Here they can develop their own solution algorithm in a hosted environment. They also get incentives for developing better and effective solutions.
Similarly large organisations also have access to these data and can also contribute in the creation of safe ecosystem. For the best and effective solutions they are ready to pay and part of the payment is paid to threat miners. They can use the repository data for building better dApps.

Benefits of HEROIC platform
  • HEROIC provides best cybersecurity solution at free of cost
  • Users also get paid for using and contributing for the ecosystem
  • The HEROIC antivirus is available for every devices that is connected with internet
  • AI powered intelligent threat detection is the future of cybersecurity
  • All the threat data is available in public so that anyone can develop their own solution

Token details
  • Token name: HEROIC
  • Token ticker: HRC
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC20
  • Price: 1HRC = 0.1125 USD
  • Hardcap: 41,000,000 USD
  • Softcap: 2,500,000 USD

Token distribution


HEROIC is a promising project which aims to provide best cybersecurity solution with blockchain and AI. HEROIC products are freely available for everyone. If users antivirus installed computer detects new threat they get rewarded with HRC tokens and for developing new solutions developers get incentives. Thus HEROIC is committed to create a safe ecosystem. It is an amazing project to invest.

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