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Every day digital technologies are getting closer to our lives and find real application. And distributed registry technology is no exception. In the last two years, it is trying to introduce in all spheres of life, it's time for the advertising market.

We live in the era when internet advertising has been a popular way to promote product, services and business. Advertising agencies and affiliate networks have taken the main role of digital /internet advertising. But now is the time for ATAYEN and SaTT to take over the role.

SaTT Versus The Current Model
ATAYEN is a company that specialized in developing applications which will be used for business pages and social networks. The platform uses the blockchain technology that brings several differences compared to the current system.

One weakness of our existing internet advertising is the difficulty to found the appropriate person, influencers and other publishers. Thanks to the smart contracts technology, SATTs’ users are able to define the criteria for publisher easily. The smart contract itself will work in decentralized and distributed network. You could read more information about the operations of SaTTsmart contracts on the whitepaper.

Besides, the current model requires a high cost of entry and monthly billing for their provided. But by using SaTT with its blockchain technology, all transactions can be done immediately and with a lower cost.

In case of security, once the existing centralized network is hacked, the hacker is able to access all of the accounts. On the other hand, SaTT’s blockchain technology enables a distributed network. It means that the advertisers and their campaigns are not connected. So there is no such a possibility that all system will be attacked by one hack. The technology will also enable the integrity of data transactions so that any form of fraud can be prevented.

You could read the rest information about what is SaTT, its security, the technology will be used, the advantages of SaTT and how it works on the whitepaper. All of the information is being well-explained.

Why should Advertisers choose the SaTT Token System?
  • reduced cost - there is no minimum fee for services, and the amount of reward is determined only by the effectiveness of the advertising campaign;
  • security - if the data on the promotion of goods or services are stored in the blockchain, then no third party can get access to them;
  • smart contracts - thanks to them, the advertising process is fully automated, and the customer retains control over the progress of the promotion and can always intervene.

SaTT Token Information
SaTT is an ERC20 token with total supply 420,000,000 tokens. The tokens will be used to facilitate all transactions occur within the ecosystem. By using the tokens, users could purchase the suite applications and its e-mailing service. The token itself will be used as a payment for advertising services and products. It will not automatically make it holders share the ownership in ATAYEN, Inc.

Now, ATAYEN is inviting you to join the future of digital advertising era by participating in its ICO. You could visit and purchase some SaTT tokens by using fiat via credit card and bank transfer, or by using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The SaTTs will be stored in SaTT wallet.

The token sale is held for 2 months. It is started on May 1, 2018, until the end date of ICO on July 1, 2018. You could read more information about the token distribution and SaTT token itself (information about the token is available on the FAQ section) on its whitepaper.

About ICO
Pre-SALE : 1 APRIL 2018 TO 24 APRIL 2018 (USD 0.21 = 1.0 WEBSITE)
PUBLIC SALE : 1 MAY 2018 - MAY 2018 1 (0.42 USD = 1.0 SATT)
ALL TOKENS Four hundred twenty million

ICO Details:
Ticker: SaTT
Token sale date: May 1, 2018 – July 1, 2018
Token type: ERC - 20
SaTT price: $0.42= 1 SaTT
Token supply: 420,000,000
Available for sale: 59%
Hard cap: $104, 160,000
Soft cap: $7,560,000
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, USD, EUR

More information:
Website :
ANN Bitcointalk:

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Profil Bitcointalk:;u=2268660
ETH Address: 0x30b6fEE77876B463317B01E1AdA46E4dbDe7Cb9C

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