Adab Solution - First Islamic Cryto Exchange, Based On Norms Of Shariah

As the blockchain technology grows, more projects are created with the latest innovations. Kta knows that Exchange is a trading place that is used to trade digital currencies and benefit from the results of trading. But the current exchange system is not necessarily true in accordance with Islamic law. Most Muslim communities want to trade and invest in cryptocurrency but they still have doubts whether to trade and invest in cryptocurrency in accordance with their beliefs and not to deviate. There is currently no Exchange that offers trade and investment in accordance with Islamic law.
To realize cryptocurrency trade and investment in accordance with Islamic law, the Adab Solution Exchange platform is created. The Adab Solution Exchange Platform is the only and first in the Exchange world that is in accordance with Islamic law, so that it will accommodate trade and investment in accordance with the terms of trading in Islam. Adab Solution will provide the best solution and eliminate doubts when wanting to invest and trade.

ADAB SOlUTION The First Crypto Islamic Exchange in the World
Adab Solution is the first Islamic exchange or exchange in the world in accordance with Islamic Shari'a norms. Today there are many recent exchanges that continue to emerge but the characteristics they have are haram, because there is no guarantee that the system is used in accordance with trade norms in Islam.

The uniqueness of Adab Solution

Exchange in accordance with Islamic Norms - trading activities carried out in Adab Solution will be carried out in accordance with sharia principles of finance and trade in Islam. Adab Solution's board of Islamic advisors will continue to conduct in-depth studies to systematically regulate crypto currencies and elements to comply with sharia law.

Creating a New Market - Adab Solution will create a new and only exchange market that uses Islamic norms in accordance with sharia principles. The basic values ​​of Adab Solution will be set to increase confidence in key crypticurrency instruments.

Intended For All Muslims - Muslims are spread all over the world, more than 120 countries including EUROPE, TENGGARA ASIA, NORTH AFRICA. Adab Solution will be very future and useful for Muslims   throughout the world.

Adab Solution Design and Security - The design and security of Adab Solution is designed with the highest security using unique technical software. The Adab Solution system can be relied on to secure your assets.

The advantages of Adab Solution
Being the first cryptocurrency trading platform in the world based on Islamic sharia, making Adab Solution is not arbitrary in accepting cryptocurrency projects. Projects that want to be included must be approved by the sharia supervisory board and do not conflict with sharia norms. All projects containing elements of Gambling, Uhsur, alcoholic beverage products, pork products, tobacco products, abnormal services and pyramid schemes will not be accepted and will not enter the Adab Solution exchange.

With the Adab Solution exchange, it will become the beginning of halal cryptocurrency trading and after the sharia norm. By creating exchanges that are in accordance with the principles of sharia, it is expected to attract the interest of Islamic investors and traders to contribute to and succeed the Exchange first in the world. I am sure this Adab Solution project will be successful and trustworthy. So there is no doubt in investing and trading using digital cryptocurrency.

Adab Solution ICO
ADAB Solution opened a token sale.
The maximum available Tokens are 480,000,000 Tokens Tokens Available for ICOs up to 345,000,000 tokens closed $ 2,500,000 Hardcap $ 18,700,000 Token Prices 0.1 $ per Payment token received by ETH and BTC Pre-sale start date closed 15.07.2018 Closing date: 05.09.2018 Starting date of public pre-sale 06.09.2018 Finish date: 29.09.2018 Start date from crowdsale 30.09.2018 Finish date: 15.11.2018

All parties participating in the Initial Token Sales or Coins Offer are required to verify KYC 




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