With increasing technological advancements and digital activities, they slowly reshape the way we act, engage and communicate in the hope of protecting our identity. Large companies are now slowly releasing statements about the possibility of data breaches or hacked systems, such news is a picture of how previous data privacy technology is now slowly coming to an age where that means security is no longer security.
Phone calls and video calls and the placement of personal information in the digital world are now threatened by identity thieves in the near future. These identity thieves no longer work in the background and target small-scale individuals, they no longer choose who is the victim. And as long as we are connected globally in the digital world, we will always be threatened by the possibility of that happening.

As digital technology and solutions continue to grow, we will not leave the digital world in the near future. So having a solution to combat the digital invasion at an early stage, as early as now, will be a great stepping stone to make us all protected in the coming years. Having been able to understand this need, the great mind behind the Stealth Grid makes patented technology that will eliminate these concerns.

StealthCrypto is a decentralized global and quantum meshed network by Stealth Grid. The team describes StealthCrypto as a network "that adopts a shared economic model for network access, creating communications that provide economic incentives that allow users to share unused data storage, bandwidth, or mining for profit."

A quantum mesh network will allow data transmission at each node, making all nodes the recipient and transmitter of both at the same time. This means that all data that is pushed on the platform will be provided by the parties concerned but encrypted with strong encryption and decryption algorithms so as not to endanger confidentiality.

With so many patented technologies utilizing their trademark StealthCrypto quantum mesh network, Stealth Grid aims to address many of the areas of concern in the digital privacy sector while ensuring the benefits and security for end users. Being a decentralized network, all information and data will be personally driven by the owner and made very secure by distributing information in different storage rather than storing everything in a centralized unit that is more vulnerable to hacking - such as traditional data and information server and storage solution providers today.

Vision and mission
The main objective of the Stealth Grid is to simplify encryption, automation, modern, sophisticated, autonomous, autonomous and cryptographic technology and make it available to everyone. Stealth Grid is the first network to adopt blockchain for real-time communication networks and industrial use.

By joining the Stealth eco-network network, you can do anything you do before - chat, call, photograph / video, and exchange documents, without having to worry about your security and confidentiality in cyberspace, regardless of whether your communication is for personal or business purpose. That is why we call Stealth Grid Living a stealth company in digital networks.

Data security
In addition to providing more efficient transactions, StealthCrypto can also be used as a secure data storage. In the online world, data is a very important asset. Data theft is one of the biggest problems faced by internet users.
Internet users need secure data storage media. Users need storage media that no one can know. Storage media takes over many parts. All data and activities of internet users are always supervised by several parties (with their own interests).

StealthCrypto does not store it on a centralized server, but stores it on several stand-alone servers. All information will be stored on a different server. This is done to minimize losses due to the possibility of data theft. StealthCrypto realizes that, like any security system they have, there is always a violation for hackers.

StealthCrypto realizes that all technologies created by humans always have weaknesses; It's just a matter of time. StealthCrypto doesn't want to be a company that offers brilliant concepts about all the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency, they want more.

The total shipping mark: 400 000 000 200 000 000 tokens for the sale of the Pre Token Crow 1 Sale Token starting on January 28, 2018. The initial Token Price (ICO) is set to a minimum of S0.50 or the current market value is above S0.50, when ICO is launched on July 5, 2018. 200,000,000 tokens are provided for Stage 2 Crowdsale tokens (50% of the total).

Phase 2 will take place no earlier than 2020 and all tokens will be sold at market prices, not at a fixed value of US $ 0.50 (Important note: all the following percentages will be adjusted according to the actual amount raised, for example, if we are 70 million selling 1 00M tokens, the following numbers are multiplied by 0.007)

Use of Results
  • ETH / USD reserves (15.00%)
  • Business Development (12.00%)
  • IoT Development (10.00%)
  • Sales & Distribution (5.00%)
  • Production Costs (50.00%)
  • Legal Fee (5.00%)
  • Insurance & Expenses (3.00%

StealthCrypto allocation
  • Sales / Development (53.19%)
  • Marketing (4.26%)
  • StealthGrid (19.15%)
  • LLK Foundation (2.13%)
  • Subsequent Funding (21.28%)


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