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This time I will tell you about the new InToken project. Be prepared to read this useful information for you, we just start

InToken is a cryptocurrency for business and intro references. Purchasing an InTokens business will reward you for your help. InToken makes gifts easy for everyone. You don't need to think about contract issues, wire transfers, or if you trust the vendor.
This platform will handle everything. After getting InTokens, you can save it, sell it in cash, or move it to an exchange for trading. The Intoken Wallet is a place where you can explore new opportunities, and see how they contribute to your income.

There is great competition between companies, companies, etc. Therefore, it is very important to build a more successful and positive relationship with your customers, no matter how difficult it is. You need to make maximum efforts in completing all nuances and then the client base and profit will increase.

But now, using the new decentralized Inbot project, the process of using marketing tasks will be easier, more convenient and more important, more successful. This platform is equipped with artificial intelligence, which means that human factors are excluded from the specified task achievement chain related to customer support and business relationships. The decentralized Inbot platform can be a big boost for many producers to attract more potential customers.

Inbot Ambassador - the newest platform that advertises companies and more, those who join this platform and want to be more successful. In short, this platform helps convey to buyers the right information that strengthens the credibility of this company. In addition, information messages are sent to specific audiences who are chosen by potential buyers who need this product.

Buyers and entrepreneurs will be able to quickly and easily find the information needed on the Inbot platform, which means that the minimum amount of time and huge productivity will be spent. What is not so important, the process is completely safe and confidential for all platform participants. This approach ensures users have the opportunity to fully trust and feel confident when using the platform.

About Inbot InToken

The Inbot platform has many advantages that do not provide doubts about progress in businesses using platforms:
  • Through the use of artificial intelligence on the platform, there is a choice of the target audience, which means that the information provided to potential customers who are interested in this product, thus contributing to business success.
  • Companies that will cooperate with the platform will be able to gain client trust, which is important in promoting their products to the masses.
  • Companies that are interested in developing their business behavior more successfully, the Inbot platform can be a good and reliable assistant in this business. To start promoting your company now, you don't need to do complicated manipulations. You just need to go to the project's website and find out all the information that interests you. This platform will be an ideal assistant for those who are looking for a new, safe and efficient approach to solving problems in promoting their corporate brands.

Vision of Inbot InToken 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace humans in doing most of the work through automation and machine learning. This dramatic paradigm shift will release human potential and fundamentally and change the way society is structured.

The emergence and growth of cryptocurrency tokens has opened up new opportunities to participate in the wealth created by technological progress. Tokenisasi will allow people from all walks of life to share the value created by the new Protocol.

Token Information:
  • InToken = Token
  • Platform = Ethereum
  • Token Type = ERC20 
  • PreICO Price 1 InToken = 0.01 EUR
  • Price 1 InToken = 0.01 EUR
  • Ethereum Platform
  • Accepting = ETH
  • Country = Germany
  • Whitelist = KYC KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas = USA

Investment Info:
  • Accepting = ETH
  • Distributed in ICO = 45%
  • Soft cap = 3,000,000 EUR
  • Hard cap = 38,000,000 EUR



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