Gigtricks helps freelancers around the world

How are you today? Have you ever heard of Gigtricks? For those of you who have been trading crypto for sure and already know about gigtricks, but for those who don’t know about gigtricks, in this article I want to give a review of gigtricks.
Gigtricks helps freelancers around the world
Gigtricks provides services and platforms that will benefit the freelancers used to maximize it. The presence of Gigtricks can open up potential for people who work from home or freelancers. Why is that? Because Gigtricks generates their tokens GBTC and We all in the future, Gigtricks will also be able to help freelancers around the world.

GIGTRICKS presents a decentralized platform for freelancers and businesses. The core mission of this platform offers highly job opportunities great to freelancers and also provides a skilled workforce for business. Make the perfect match between the right projects and the right candidate is the ultimate goal of this platform.

Blockchain technology will solve some of the biggest problems of the freelancer industry. so that it can create a transparent payment system with smart contractual relationships between clients and freelancers. With our services to be completely free from our daily problems, Gigtrikcs feature also provides an ecosystem based on blockchain.

This GigTricks platform can help in the fight against global recession by creating more opportunities for talented individuals so they can find gigs, work from home, and generate their own income, so they can spend it for the needs of their customers and also produce the right economic growth.

The GigTricks company is working to build a freelance version platform that will be fully updated in its ability to offer opportunities, minimize risks, and also create scenarios for all stakeholders involved. GigTricks has a vision at where they plan to be true. GigTricks also creates affordable low-cost freelance platforms that can provide cross-country benefits and are easily accessible.

GigTricks ecosystem architecture is also specially designed to be highly scalable to ensure flexibility. the freelancers will can sell or market their products online and offline as part of the ecosystem. For example, digital marketers will be able to develop and offer courses or sell products or services on the GigTricks platform either online or offline in person. Then freelancers can also receive payments through the GigTricks crypto token, named as GigBit token (GBTC).

GigBit marker, (GBTC) based on the ERC20 format, and works on the Ethereum netbook, as it will be easier to use and market community. Ethereum-based marker is a good solution for routine payments that exceed small amounts, such as $ 0.0001.

The GigTicks project uses Gigbit credit for micropayment to make it more economical. GigBit loans are not traded. They will be released by platform and can only be converted to GigBit bookmarks. Gigbit credits cannot be sent from one user to another, regardless of platform. This cryptographic token (GBTC) is designed to allow payments through its member ecosystems around the world.

Token Allocation:
  • Initial Token Bid = 250,000,000: 25%.
  • Team and Advisor = 150,000,000: 15%.
  • Ecosystem incentives = 200,000,000: 20%.
  • Marketing and Bounty = 50,000,000: 5%.
  • Liquidity Fund = 50,000,000: 5%.
  • Treasury = 300,000,000: 30%.

Use of Process:
  • Marketing = 34%.
  • Operational Costs = 28%.
  • Platform Development = 25%.
  • R & D = 8%.
  • Business Acquisition = 5%.

Tokens can be used for:
  • Transactions in the application to unlock products or services.
  • Users who subscribe.
  • Community award.
  • Advertisement.
  • Payment of royalties and freelancer surveys.
  • Tokens will also work to align the playing field and arrange checkpoints for services to be provided.

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