GeoManna Platform - High Quality Tokens and Good for the Future

Recently the concept of equality has been widely discussed. Regardless of whether it implies a gender salary gap or even a racial gap, it must be clear that not everyone is treated with the same respect, pay or receive the same opportunities.
GeoManna Platform - High Quality Tokens and Good for the Future
With different preferences for groups, it is not surprising that the community as a whole is no longer there, but rather a small click. Will this injustice end? Apparently, GeoManna has taken the first step towards equality in the digital environment.

What is the purpose of GeoManna?
GeoManna is a decentralized ecosystem that focuses on peer-to-peer interaction (also called P2P). In addition, this is a system that creates a platform that promotes equality for everyone, whether someone or business, regardless of social, economic or cultural background. Simply put, GeoManna explains consumer reunification as a whole community, not individual groups.

Some of the problems aimed at this project include high-interest rates, commission fees, low speed and poor consumer relations. As more businesses rely on e-commerce, platforms like GeoManna can help them grow into lasting relationships, giving participants equal access to what is available.

How can consumers use GeoManna?
The GeoManna Bonus is provided to encourage user actions and confirm transactions between members. Some features of the bonus are announced including direct money transfers, security enhancements, lack of commissions for those who use GeoManna as a platform, and global access to merchant sites for goods and services.

According to the conditions set, anyone can participate in the GeoManna community, because providing universal benefits is the same as social interaction. The valuable GeoManna feature is the fact that those who don't want to do the GeoManna Bonus can do so by leading it to a charity.

What about the GeoManna market?
GeoManna, what GM calls for simplicity, is a decentralized ERC20 marker on Ethereum Blocket. Therefore, GM trading, transferring or even buying a wallet that supports the ERC 20 standard.

The main reason why integrated Blockchain technology is to ensure that everyone is connected and has access to sources that are transparent, trusted and trusted. It is certainly a growing concern for online buyers because many of them have been deceived in their lives at one stage or another.

How does GeoManna start the ICO?
Based on current news, ICO GeoManna will run for one month starting May 1, 2018. Copying will take place in two phases: basic pre-sales and sales. Of all the soft caps in the past, GeoManna believes that it will take a lot of time to get the project website if their soft caps are set to 500 ETH. Get GeoManna between ICOs is ideal, because each coin is worth around $ 0.10 US, while at the end of the sale it can cost around $ 0.50.

TEAM ICO PROJECT GeoManna Platform
TEAM ICO PROJECT GeoManna Platform

ICO GeoManna Details
  • Token: GM
  • Initial Token: May 1, 2018
  • End Auction Token: June 1, 2018
  • Token Price: 1GM 0.10 USD
  • Default Token: ERC 20

Generally, GeoManna supports important social problems that come daily to the news platform. In addition, there is no other cryptoactivity that focuses on this problem, which gives GeoManna a competitive advantage. If this project continues, the idea of a decentralized blockade in the digital world, for example, in e-commerce can not only stabilize the economy, but also ensure the maintenance of healthy relationships.

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