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In the past, people did not have ideas about social media. But now the revolution has increased day by day. Just as Facebook and Twitter are gaining popularity slowly because they have unique specifications and features, and Blockkonnect, we also have their special features. You might have seen that many people discuss hours on various topics on social media, but they don't get anything in return. So the Blockkonnect team is currently revolutionizing the world of social media and getting people motivated by providing a platform for discussion that can improve their writing knowledge and skills, and will earn income through monetization at the same time.

Platform Blockkonnect is an innovative cryptocurrency company that operates on blockchain technology with the aim of sharing different important knowledge and information including blockchain and other technical information. Blockkonnect will also serve as a gateway for companies that want to enter the blockchain platform. That way, many global communities will continue to connect to social media, and deliver the latest news on social media channels. So that news stations can share stories, warnings, and various other important news directly with their followers. So, can this Blockkonnect company connect everyone to the interesting blockchain world.

Blockkonnect gives you many features that you want on one platform. That way you can easily find people who are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Blockkonnect gives your post for monetization or your own comments to become money, in short, similar to AdSense on YouTube or blog.

Blockkonnect believes that it will remain top in this field forever, why is that? because the blockkonneck concept is so unique that there are no other social platforms that provide the opportunity to monetize your posts or comments to make money.

What is Blockkonnect?
Blockkonnect is the first blockchain technology in the world and also a social networking platform with the aim of connecting people associated with crypto and uniting them under one roof. Blockkonnect is the first ultimate solution to providing features that you always want on a single platform.

Here you can also find many people with similar interests with you who are associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Blockkonnect will give you a golden opportunity to monetize each of your posts and comments into money; this is similar to something like AdSense on YouTube. And we are very confident that we will remain top of the sector forever, this is because our unique concept there is no other social platform that gives you the easiest way to monetize.

1. Blockkonnect is a blockchain and social networking and crypto currency discussion board.
2. Blockkonnect lets in very fast micro and buying and selling transactions.
3. Blockkonnect is based on blockchain era.
4. It has a single-minded network and improvement group in the back of it.
5. Blockkonnect can praise content material creators who create original content.

About Us
Platform Blockkonnect is one of the most innovative platforms currently used throughout the world. Blockkonnect allows everyone to connect from every corner of the world. Our motive is to provide a better blockchain platform where users from all over the world can connect to one platform and discuss topics related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and others.

Our specialty
The team and we will provide you with a Social Platform that Connects Users and Gifts of Fuel. This is an ecosystem that is explicitly designed to make online discussion platforms easy, smooth, and beneficial for owners and business users. It also gives you the opportunity to love Blockchain and cryptocurrency in order to connect and discuss and answer questions between each other.

Technical Specifications
  • ICO Start in: 20 August 2018
  • Token Name: BLOCKKONNECT
  • Transaction Code: XBT
  • Platform: ETHEREUM ERC-20
  • Max Supply: 200,000,000 XBT
  • Soft Cap: $ 750,000
  • Hard Cap: $ 900,000
  • ICO starting Price: $0.015 per XBT
  • Estimated Target Price After ICO: $1 per XBT
  • ICO Timings: 20-Aug-18 To 17-Oct-18

Token & Found Allocation


Our Team

For further information, please click on the following link

Bitcointalk Username: Portalfia
ETH Address: 0x30b6fEE77876B463317B01E1AdA46E4dbDe7Cb9C

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