Subaj Global Network - The Digital Loyalty Card

The world we are living today is a common thing that we spend a lot of money to live better. The things we spend include shopping what we like, paying for education, buying products, paying bills that include water, electricity, and so on.
Subaj Global Network - The Digital Loyalty Card
But one thing is certain: money will come out of bank accounts, credit cards, wallets and never return. There is one decentralized platform and market where companies, retailers, traders and service providers can participate for their mutual benefits. Have you ever heard the name SUBAJ?

SUBAJ Global Network is a platform created specifically to form a unique global blockchain ecosystem that can be used for online / offline payments, promotions and gift sharing programs that use cell-based methods.

This platform is an innovative trading platform, developers do everything to make it functional and worldwide possible. The revolutionary approach to buying - that's what the decentralized SUBAJ platform developers offered. Modern services can not boast perfect security or other solutions that open up new opportunities for users.

SUBAJ also provides advanced utility models and sophisticated infrastructure where all types of retailers, merchants, clubs and communities can participate to create their own business token and reward customers for loyalty.

Participants can create their own crypto tokens and offer them to customers as a loyalty gift on the Subaj Blockchain network.

This platform allows participants to make crypto sand tokens each offer to customers as a loyalty gift on the Subaj Blockchain platform. This platform can be used by different types of merchants, businesses, companies, institutions, and service providers who can offer SBJ tokens or their own business token as a gift of loyalty to their customers.

The main feature of the SUBAJ platform is an exclusive business token that can be freely sold for SBJ tokens, crypto currencies available to the public such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Customers can use SBJ token on every exchange in the world and exchange it for paper money. The ability to convert rewards and reward points into real money can be a major breakthrough among unreliable, narrow, and archaic loyalty systems. This will also allow consumers to use different reward points.

In the SUBAJ platform, there will be trading from various companies, sellers, traders, and service providers. They can meet and of course mutual benefit. They can also make their own crypto tokens and offer them to customers as prizes on the blockbuster platform.

SBJ is the new crypto currency to be released in Ethereum. Each entrepreneur may release his / her own commercial token, redeem it with another entrepreneur token through SUBAJ exchange platform (SXP) using SBJ token.
Companies and entrepreneurs can send tokens for selected presets that take into account geolocation, demographic data, and cost types. Companies can also generate 5 different tokens.

Benefits of the project
Customers can easily identify various types of offers, discounts and loyalty programs offered by Sellers in their chosen area.

They also get a transparent system where you can easily interact with merchants, regardless of the country where their company is located.

The most important thing is that customers will be able to redeem the loyalty rewards points earned from one merchant in another shopping or retail store.

Companies and traders may not spend money on paid promotions, advertising and marketing their products and services. They can instantly send notifications to potential customers, and notify them of the various offers, discounts, and loyalty programs they provide through GeoDrop.

Traders will get a better way of communicating with their customers, enabling them to promote products more efficiently.

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