Paygine: Platform For Crypto Business

This time I'll introduce to you guys about paygine, Paygine is a blockchain platform that offers solutions for companies and people who want to use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
Maintaining a wallet in both currencies is fiat and cryptocurrency with the ability to easily and easily convert funds between them.
The Paygine company embarked on an open financial platform that enables its users to use many services such as money transfers, peer to peer payments and serves as an electronic wallet.

Not only do users feel secure about their cryptocurrency, but also who can follow their country's laws and that they will have no problems with it.

Paygine does not aim to develop electronic wallets, crypto purses, bank cards, transfers with its own brand.

These products will be built by paygine customers under their own auspices, and private individuals and businesses will be able to choose services from among Paygine clients.

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Paygine creates a system that will help grow their client's business and not compete with them.
The development of the Paygine platform will require significant transfer improvements, within and between countries where clients do business.

In addition, an increasing number of businesses will begin to transfer in cryptocurrency. This will force increasing demands on the stability of the Paygine platform and uninterrupted implementation of the settlements.
Exchange plays an important role in the economy of cryptocurrency by offering markets for trade, liquidity, and price discovery.

About Tokens:

It is important for paygine to be able to provide exchange services to their clients as well, and enable them to exchange between different cryptocurrencies and from and to fiat currencies. Paygine also plans to offer exchange services at customer friendly rates.

Currency exchanges will always be in demand, and the team expects the opening in the market given the high conversion rates and bank commissions that normally occur.

How Does Paygine Work?
Paygine will use as a basic service provided by the existing Best2Pay company to develop their financial services and scale in its rules. All services will be provided through an open API, so clients can use them as they see fit.

The entire platform system will be implemented in two years, so you expect to be completed by the end of 2019 or early 2020. This system will be implemented in Europe first and then in the United States. Finally, this will be applied in Asia, when they have a part of the world covered.

After these two years, companies will slowly start working in other areas and countries that are still not using Paygine now.

How to Invest in Paygine?
If you want to invest in this company, you will have the best chance to do in the upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the company. There is still no date for pre-ICO, but it may happen during 2018 with major sales going on for months or weeks later.

Paygine offers services using Best2Pay technology:
  • Transfer crypto currency to / from bank card;
  • Pay in stores and shops using cards in crypto currency;
  • Crypto currency receipt as payment for goods and services in an online store
  • Transferring money across borders using crypto-currency at minimum cost;

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