On this occasion, I will discuss about digital currency exchange Cryptocurrency, where there will be tokens that grow very quickly so interested in CHANGE NOW
CHANGE NOW is trading in cryptographic money where you can switch with the digital currency.

Basically, there are two types of cryptocurrency exchange: which are custodial and instant. The first one receives the user's cryptocurrency and stores it in their infrastructure until prompted otherwise.

The second change now can operate on any exchange separately without saving the user's private key. Our project is dedicated to instant exchange.

Although they are at the beginning of the race, we believe that in the near future this type of exchange will dominate the world of cryptocurrency by promoting and empowering new decentralized technologies.

Instead of you trading cryptresources with different clients, you automatically have to pay CHANGE NOW to buy crypto transform for your benefit (or you buy CHANGE NOW from your pool).

Token NOW serves as the inner currency of the service for coin and promotional payments, Token NOW gives you exclusive features and super benefits at ChangeNOW's fixed rate, accelerated support, and more.

change now has more than 100 coins available to redeem and has no restrictions - you can exchange as much as you want. You can buy cryptocurrency with Visa or MasterCard.

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Change now Conclusion
If you Want to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency, but do not want to deal with KYC account and verification in exchange? change now wants to help. You pay a premium exchange rate for the change now service, but you can only buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies in an anonymous way. This service seems to have a good reputation and is designed to be easy to use. It also charges only 0.5%.

ChangeNow will continue to work to improve and improve its quality and services by introducing the latest features. change now is also developing mobile apps to enable its clients to use their services using their most popular devices.

By conducting bounty campaigns, ChangeNOW strives to achieve their goals, such as testing, brand awareness, community engagement development, and increased security.

The Bounty and Airdrops program is an integral part of marketing and promotion strategy for change now. Pay hunters will be required to apply to the program.

Change now feature

Change now advertises all of the following features:
  1. Easy to Use: You can deposit your own cryptocurrency into the exchange, or buy crypto using your Visa or Mastercard.
  2. Anonymity: change now does not store your personal information, so no need to create an account on the platform before you exchange cryptocurrency.
  3.  Fair: ChangeNOW claims to choose the best exchange rate for you. All fees are clearly stated before you exchange.

Best feature of change now platform
  • With Blockchain being the backbone of this solution, naturally, the platform will be transparent and decentralized
  • There will be 200 tokens and Cryptocurrency which users can choose from all via fixed-rate exchange. And since the transfer happens immediately, the client does not lose on the rate change between pressing the "Go" button and receiving a new token / Cryptocurrency
  • There's already a plan on the Road Map to include a mobile version, which will be very useful for all customers.
  • Since no registration is required, no personal details are stored in this product which means that very little chance of fraud or fraud occurs.

Distribution Token
  • Ticker: NOW
  • Full name: ChangeNOW Token
  • Type: ERC20 Token
  • Total supply: 200.000.000 NOW
  • Decimal: 8
  • Minimum investment: $ 50,000
  • Maximum investment: $ 500,000

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