NetScouters - Bounty Program

On this occasion I will give you great and valuable information, Today I will give you information about this great innovation known as "NetScouters."
NetScouters - Bounty Program
I advise you not to just read, here I want to tell you to act and encourage you not only to read but also to take important steps by being a part of this great innovation.

Perhaps many do not know what Netscouters is, Netscouters is the platform for future soccer financing that uses the power of Blockchain and the Tokenisasi assets.

Our team is ready to build products that are safe, useful and easy to use based on the private blockchain. This will include integration of cryptocurrency payments and even daily digital systems.

The NETSCOUTERS platform is a decentralized and transparent market of Amazing and chip-based clubs. The decentralization of amateur football in our platform market will help ensure that amateur clubs, with their youth activities, have access to global finance.

In the NETSCOUTERS market, sports brands and sponsors will be able to sell their products directly to our community, which will consist of millions of people from all over the world.

Our platform will be open to all brands of sports equipment, but also to other different products such as construction and maintenance of sports infrastructure, rental vehicles for transportation of equipment, gasoline, synthetic payments, etc.

Every transaction will be made directly from the club/player wallet to the brand wallet in our token.

Distribution of OUT COIN Platform tokens
Distribution of OUT COIN Platform tokens

Use of proceeds
Use of proceeds

Ecosystems built around the game process can be broadcast using the NetScouters Stream platform, the Netscouters Developer Market gets a share of transaction costs and bets. In this case, the GC withdraws funds to make this game on the crowd sits Netscouters Platform, part of its revenue is also distributed among investors.

Netscouters is a Business that has commercial value and is very special in every exchange. If cryptography is based on a blockchain platform. We are building the Most Sustainable and Complete Trading and Investment Ecosystem for our Coins (OUTING TOKEN) to be utilized. Our goal is to also make the most useable coins in Blockchain.

We want to build a decentralized, meritorious, transparent and unified platform to access, validate the player's empowering skills and contribute to the commercialization of more than football games.

  • Become the leading online soccer game company in the global marketplace.
  • Offer a variety of games in various categories for secure the flow of various client profiles;
  • Develop any game sectors where Netscouters will participate;
  • Promoting Netscouters on a global level, setting ourselves apart through the use of new technology, customer service, and the freshness of our games,
  • Offer efficiency, speed, security, and transparency to all our clients;
  • Broaden the market, offer free courses for bidders on other shared platforms so they can understand how the use of technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts benefit them.

  1. Can increase amateur club infrastructure development into the appeal of an international audience
  2. Giving young players favorable conditions to stand out among the stars in international competitions.
  3. Can create a way for agents to access talented amateur players to their respective contract clubs.
  4. Bringing wider sports media coverage in local leagues.
  5. Eliminate all unnecessary costs to promote your club.
  6. Eliminate the sponsorship problem for talented amateur players on the streets.
  7. Creating investment opportunities for people who want to generate millions through their sponsorship in the promotion of a football business project as a percentage of every success distributed to their account during part of their initial coin offer (ICO) as an investor.
  8. Transparency, low transaction costs, and secure business transactions, without third parties.

NETSCOUTER has two types of tokens as a reward for every participant in the platform:
  1. Security token: The security token is the percentage that is distributed to investors for their investment to the platform and that's mainly 20%.
  2. Token utility: The token utility is a coin used by the Nescouter platform on their market.


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