Monoreto - New Generation Social Network

Almost everyone now has an interest in social media. And they think that social media is a must. This time, I will talk about a new generation of social networking that is very interesting and very profitable for its users. The social network is Monoreto. Let's see what the monoreto offer.
Monoreto - New Generation Social Network

What is Monoreto?
Monoreto is a social network that wants to reward users for their original content. This is a social network where users pay to like messages they really like and help stimulate original creators and reward them.

Users who pay likes also move within the bait. A similar price is at least 5 cents in the chip. By liking you to promote your account on a news feed (and receive likes), get some benefits from platforms and other benefits. The zero transaction fee and all the mechanisms to motivate the taste mean a lot of use cases (direct profits without advertising, crowdfunding, charity, online quiz with cash prizes, etc.).

A large number of mechanisms to motivate chip delivery and expenditure are the main innovations of the Monoreto:
When you use likes, you also promote your own account in news feeds (with very fun accounts) If you put a lot of taste, you can get some of the Monoreto weekly profits If you can transfer the chip with "like", it will be much easier to raise funds for the company. Monoreto is Kickstarter with zero transaction fee.

When you see a great project and you press a button, you can use it (ie be the first to receive the product, to visit this project event as a VIP or another)
The same goes for charity.

People want to help each other. But if it is not too long and difficult. At Monoreto we can help people and even save lives
With loving photos, you participate in forecast competitions.

Problems and solutions
The majority of social networks have one type of one-way user interaction:

  • If the user likes something, it's free support for authors who have no feedback.
  • If the author is famous, the desire to advance the author decreases because of the volume of taste that has been received.
  • If 1 likes = 5 cents on a chip, this issue becomes more important because the real money that users should cut will be reduced.

The main point is that creators and users benefit. The more user preference, the higher the score on the user graph. Low cost to taste allows people to do what they "like" and also gives them something to compensate for the fact that they are transferring money to do so.

Another serious problem faced by users of social media content is the high number of ads. Young people are trying to look for the information themselves and thus get sidetracked by excessive advertising.

When taste monetization becomes possible, this problem will become more serious because:
Holder can not earn income from their own products.
-The possibility that the user who wants to support the creative person he likes ends up dealing with the scammer, disappointed, and refrains from supporting others in the future.

To solve this problem,
The Monoreto team will develop an automated mechanism to check content uniqueness when uploaded to social networks.

Monoreto is beneficial to users
• Give each user a chance to win to publish photos and videos
• Increase importance and likes and improve overall content quality

Reduce the need for blogger ads as a method of monetization
• Creating fake tastes and unprofitable bots

Main Distinction Monoreto With Other Social Networks 

Progressive solution:

  • Manage your account and win
  • Love and become popular
  • Fundraising
  • Participate in charity
  • Advertise your business effectively

Monetize everyday use by ordinary users
Monoreto will make communication easier and more convenient. Every Monoreto user will benefit from modern social networking tools:
Upgrading a publication calendar with photos and videos.
Comment in a post to keep in touch with customers • A story feature, which lets you create 10-second photos and videos with overlapping text, emoji, and handwritten notes.
Live events that provide an opportunity to talk about important things with followers at all times.

Why is monoreto different from other social networks?
Every Monoreto user will have the opportunity to earn money to manage their personal accounts. Publishing quality photos and video content will allow users to get cash prizes, as well as people like customers and more.

Users will also be able to evaluate other content using my likes if it will promote their account in the news feed. This will allow messages to get more likes from the same user.

Platform development plan
Our team will continue to improve the mechanisms used for direct advertising and smart streams where direct marketing is developed.

Part of this platform is geared towards working with major advertising service providers. Once the initial market is created, ongoing marketing efforts will aim to consistently increase the number of participants in the ecosystem.

Fundraising campaigns and fundraising campaign plans for token distribution The Monoreto development team is currently working on the platform and is preparing a fundraising campaign. The MNR application token will be released under ERC-20 with limited circulation to conduct a fundraising campaign.

Chip distribution will be done by smart contract. The collected funds will be used to launch the platform and expand it further, to finance advertising and marketing, and to manage platform operations.

The ERR-20 token (pre-ICO) MNR distribution campaign is expected to begin on May 10, 2018 and continue until June 10, 2018.

Pre-ICO Consistency: $ 200,000 Pre-ICO Fees: $ 800,000 During pre-OIC, a 6% chip distribution with 50% reduction of ICO prices without ICO reduction (2.5 cents) is planned. If the pre-ICO Soft Cap is not achieved, all funds collected will be returned.

If the cap is reached, the OIC will be held from 15 August 2018 to 30 September 2018. ICO Soft Cap: $ 1,000,000 ICO Hard Cap: $ 15,000,000 57% of the chip should be distributed via ICO at a discounted price depending on when the chip is purchased. If the OKI soft palate is not reached, all funds collected during the OIC will be refunded.

More Information on Monoreto:
White Paper:

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