Exercise is one activity that is often done by everyone so that the body stay healthy and away from the disease. Sport is not just for health alone, but the sport is also a starting event to achieve victory. On this occasion I want to let you know that there is something new and worth a try in the world of sports, namely eSports!

Why eSports?
The reason I chose eSports is that at this time eSports has become the fastest growing market. Recorded In 2016, there were only about $ 150 million of funding in the eSports industry, but by 2017 the funding size at eSports is already over $ 600 million. And more importantly, the $ 2 billion fund has entered the eSports industry. Really ordinary!

Today, many major sports clubs and professionals participate in eSports, and renowned sports players are building their own professional eSports team and investing in the eSports industry.

In addition, there are also many universities in North America and Europe began to accept the presence of eSports as one of the physical sports and provide scholarships and titles to each of their eSports players. Even eSports has also been accepted at the Asian Games 2018 Jakarta, Palembang. and now eSports is being encouraged to become one of the Olympic events.

Fantasy Sports
Everywhere in the world, fantasy sports become the most popular sport when there is a big sports market and this is a traditional sports game.

The size of this fantasy sports market is currently around $ 5 billion with 78 million viewers, and the market size is expected to continue growing to $ 9.2 billion with over 100 million viewers by 2020.

The United States has stated that the sport of legal gambling, this allows the fantasy eSports business model will be further improved in the future. But what you need to know is that fantasy sports are not gambling, but FanEspo has a better way to give more fun to every user.

What is FanEspo?
FanEspo is a web-based platform that offers a fantastic experience for us to enjoy fantasy sports in eSports matches. Here are the activities to do if joining sports eSports.
  • You must join in a contest.
  • Then you select your own professional player for your team.
  • Pay ‘Entrance Fee’ to compete with other users.
  • 80% – 90% of the total entrance fee is MONEY GIFT.
  • Skills in analyzing and your fantastic predictions will make you win prizes.

Step 1
Join FanEspo Visit, sign up & log in to FanEspo website

Step 2
Enter Contest
You can create a new contest or enter a contest that has been created, There are several modes for prize money (Winner take all, Top # winner, Divided into Top # sinner). Each contest has a different entrance fee and a total prize money.

Step 3
Select your Player & Enter
Choose your players based on upcoming live events. The salary of each player is determined on the basis of his performance, and you can choose any player within your paycheck. Once you are ready to leave, you can pay the entrance fee and enter the contest to win the prize Money!

Step 4
Victory! Win Money Rewards!
Each eSports game has its own way of generating points, points will be awarded based on REAL professional player performance/notes. After all the matches are finished, all your player points will be collected, and the user (s) who have the higher points win the prize money.

Is The Game Safe?
The main goal of eSports is to have a strong security system on their platform. Now, eSports is researching and developing all contests, leagues, individual wallets and others with Blockchain technology for their best security, and making all the information, which will be created/produced by FanEspo users, will be blocked on the FanEspo platform.

In the near future, eSports plans to launch analytics, media, education, streaming, game platforms that will connect to their Blockchain.

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