Cryptassist - Everything you need on one platform

Hello friends ... If you are interested in joining a Cryptassist project or you are interested in joining a Cryptassist project, it is an excellent idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision during the Cryptassist project.

Have you ever heard of Crypto Currency? Currency Crypto is the currency of digital cryptography code, this currency is used for peer to peer users.

This currency passes through an intermediary section such as a State, bank, or another authorized party.

Transactions are based on a decentralized global network from Peer to Peer user (P2P) so as to determine the value of the currency based on supply and demand.

Along with the development of technology, the cryptocurrency even more advanced in some developed countries in the world of digital currency is already very often used by people to shop and other purposes.
Cryptassist - Everything you need on one platform
The main problem in the world of cryptocurrency for experts and beginners is to understand cryptocurrency and have not been used as a currency every day. So in this review, we want to explain about the currency crypto is Cryptassist (CTA).

Since the presence of Cryptassist, Cryptassist can solve the problem by providing everyone access to the crypto world through a series of 25 essential tools and features. Cryptassist also provides apps with explorer block, multi-coin feature, trade notification, the over-the-counter market for coin auction, fully licensed exchange, a crowdfunding platform, debit card, Philanthropy Innovation, that pay, maps and online store.

Why Should Cryptassist?
The Cryptassist ecosystem is specifically designed to facilitate the world's cryptocurrency for everyone whether they are crypto experts or beginners. That is your true goal. For people who have CTA easily access tools and notifications.

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Cryptassist has replaced another platform in the blockchain technology room by bringing together a large number of tools required by every player in the field of cryptocurrency. Offering up to 12 tools that all have special functionality, all to arming the user with everything that may be required to become a major player in the world of cryptocurrency whether as an investor, crypto expert or just a beginner who wants to get a piece of cake. on a crypto cake.

One of the many key features is the Cryptassist Debit Card which is a new revolutionary technology available to users after passing Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Card owners will be able to easily transact between cryptocurrency, CTA, fiat and exclusive prepaid debit cards.

The main advantages of this card are the ease of use, such as regular Visa or Mastercard, Cryptassit Debit Card which supports up to 50 cryptocurrencies with low competitive transaction costs can be used at any ATM worldwide and also offline. and online purchases.

Cryptassist global vision:

The Cryptassist Platform feature will include:

Debit Card: Debit Card Serves to recharge the card with one of the 50 best cryptocurrencies that accept Visa or MasterCard.

CryptoGo: Free augmented reality app works for users so it can search, find and receive real appreciation – crypto.

Crypt started: Innovative crowdfunding cryptocurrency feature works for users to raise funds for creative projects.

Exchange: fully licensed spot exchange so as to provide full cryptocurrency trades with discounted fees for CTA trading.

Multi-Coin Block Explorer: allows users to eliminate the use of multiple blockchain explorers to search the history of multiple coin transactions.

ChatPay: social messages and online payment systems that operate on decentralized networks.

Philanthropy of Innovation: Philanthropy Innovation serves to donate to nonprofit organizations in 50 currencies of cryptocurrency.

Arbitrage Alerts Opportunities: Users can receive alerts when selected coins display a certain price on a particular exchange.

ICO Assistant: ICO Assistant serves to assist the founders of projects that plan their projects and launch ICO.

Where To Spend Crypto: In the database and the map displays crypto can be spent and also Users can submit suggestions according to crypto.

Cryptassist Webshop: You can buy with your top 50 cryptocurrencies.

Cryptassist Freelancer: Can connect business to freelance talent for collaboration on crypto related projects.

News Update: Personalize real-time crypto news.

OTC Trading Platform: users can register and search for low-volume cryptocurrencies that can then be sold Over-The-Counter (OTC).

One Trading Tool: one platform that will give users to connect and transact on more than 50 exchanges in one place.

Social Media Scanner: Can see cryptocurrency trends and analyze social volumes with graphs.

Community Forums: Users can participate by providing and collecting information and discussing topics related to cryptocurrency.

Trading Signs: Personalized profile creation and optional trading alerts.

Cryptopedia: Databases, blogs, websites, and forums available that include cryptocurrency.

ICO and Airdrops: ICO and Airdrops can provide information on upcoming ICO, Bounty Program, and Airdrops.

Customizable Charts: individual coins and overall market prices and volumes.

Portfolio and Manager Portfolio: Users can view their portfolios in easy-to-understand graphs.

Integration: a comprehensive view of an external site showing the comparison of cryptocurrency mining to Bitcoin.

Real-Time Statistics: We can see the latest statistics on the choice of user choice coins and exchange market.

Crypto Compare: Users can also view and compare crypto trading partners and see which coins can exchange places.

  • ICO TIME = 2018-06-28 – 2018-08-11
  • Token = CTA
  • Price 1 CTA = 0.05 USD
  • Bonus = Available
  • Bounty = Available
  • Platform = S-Scrypt
  • Accepting = 100+ Cryptocurrencies and Fiat
  • Minimum investment = 50 USD
  • Soft cap = 36,980,000 USD
  • Hard cap = 236,250,000 USD
  • Country = Malaysia
  • Whitelist / KYC = None
  • Restricted areas = USA, Singapore

ICO Details:
  • Maximum 6.75 B CTA sold during ICO and Pre-sales
  • 25 M CTA coins are provided for the bounty program
  • 1.5 B CTA coins reserved for team, locked for 6 months *
  • CTA Coins 1.725 B is provided for Airdrops, exchange lists and promotional activities
  • ICO duration: 28 June – 11 August 2018
  • Ticker: CTA
  • Platform: S-Scrypt.

  • Henri Oostebring – CEO
  • Matthijs Giesen – CFO
  • Imran Rahman – CTO
  • Terry Fitzsimmons – Financial Analyst
  • Niki Lin – Marketing Manager
  • Samantha Haeberli – Public Relations Manager
  • Deepak Gupta – Architect Solutions
  • Dinesh Pal – Core Developers
  • Wasim Beg – Backend Developer
  • Probir Chakraborty – iOS Developers
  • Deepak Kumar – iOS Developers
  • Bharat Taneja – Mobile App Developers
  • Vivek Giri – Android Developers
  • Viktoriya Kienreich – Spokesman
  • Matthew Comer – Spokesperson
  • Roanna Smith – Customer Support

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